Seed Free Genomics Colloquium

At the annual Botany meeting in Savannah Georgia, Erin Sigel (Smithsonian) and I hosted a colloquium titled “Seed Free Plants at the Genomic Scale.” The focus of the colloquium was to showcase genomic-scale research conducted by early-career scientists (grad students, post-docs, and assistant professors). The idea of the colloquium grew from a Broader Impacts section of the NSF Tree of Life grant that funded my post-doc work. After receiving approval for the colloquium at last year’s Botany conference, Erin and I were able to secure funding for travel assistance from both the American Bryological and Lichenological Society and the American Fern Society.

We were pleased with the number of people who attended our talks and asked great questions, despite the colloquium being held on the afternoon of the last day of the conference. This was my first time organizing and moderating a session at a major conference, and it was a fun experience. I was very impressed by the quality of the research and public speaking skills of all of our presenters.

The session was attended by some of the most prolific tweeters at the conference, which I have compiled into a “Storify” page, which you can view below, or click here to view on a separate page.

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