Introducing HybPiper

logo by Elliot Gardner

This week marks the “official” release of HybPiper, the bioinformatics pipeline I’ve been working on for most of my post-doc. We published a paper on the method, and demonstrated how it can be used for phylogenetics, in this month’s Applications in Plant Sciences (open access). This work was a collaboration between the Pleurocarpous…

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Mating Systems in Sphagnum

Sphagnum capillifolium expressing male

Synopsis: This research is the first to characterize the diversity of mating patterns in natural populations of Sphagnum. In peat mosses, sexual condition is a species-level trait: most species produce only one type of gamete (unisexual) while a minority of species are bisexual, producing both egg and sperm in the…

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Cryptic speciation in Frullania asagrayana


Synopsis: Frullania asagrayana is a leafy liverwort found on tree trunks and rocks along the east coast of the United States and Canada. We sampled collections of F. asagrayana at DNA sequences (2 chloroplast and 1 nuclear) and microsatellites (10 loci). Despite no distinguishing morphological characteristics or DNA sequences, F.…

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