Seed Free Genomics Colloquium

Matt Johnson at Seed Free Genomics Conference

At the annual Botany meeting in Savannah Georgia, Erin Sigel (Smithsonian) and I hosted a colloquium titled “Seed Free Plants at the Genomic Scale.” The focus of the colloquium was to showcase genomic-scale research conducted by early-career scientists (grad students, post-docs, and assistant professors). The idea of the colloquium grew from a…

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Introducing HybPiper

logo by Elliot Gardner

This week marks the “official” release of HybPiper, the bioinformatics pipeline I’ve been working on for most of my post-doc. We published a paper on the method, and demonstrated how it can be used for phylogenetics, in this month’s Applications in Plant Sciences (open access). This work was a collaboration between the Pleurocarpous…

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Transcriptome Tutorials

This summer we have an REU student from Amherst College who is sequencing Oenothera transcriptomes, and is learning both lab techniques and computational techniques. I’ve dusted off the bioinformatics tutorials I made for our Pleurocarp Tree of Life meeting, giving them some much-needed updates. I thought I would post them here…

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